Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Christy took a special interest in my health and well being right from the start, giving me a feeling of calm and welcoming. I knew I had found a different kind of chiropractor; I knew I was in good hands. Though I was only able to be under care for 6 months, I experienced tremendous results allowing my body to function better. I was in graduate school at the time and noticed my thinking was clearer and my comprehension improved. I wish I could have stayed under her care for much longer!"

- Randy P.

"Thank you for taking such good care of us and always being so accommodating. You guys are the best!"

- Becky J. and Family

"Overall experience -> awesome, adjustments have been easier
My health is so much better than before. I was in constant pain, now I barely have any. I am more conscious of my posture and my balance has thoroughly improved."

- Cindy S.

"When I came to Taylor Chiro, I couldn’t walk due to lots of SI joint inflammation. I wanted a holistic approach that WORKED and I found it here. Coming to this office is always fun and the office is kid-friendly (kids are encouraged!), which is such a relief and so convenient. Dr. Christy & Dr. Cliff actually CARE about their patients’ health & well being and want us to be able to enjoy a happy healthy and pain free life. I would encourage everyone I know to come here to improve their overall life."

- Heather M.

"I’m a 53 year old guy who is an avid golfer and played lots of high impact sports in my younger days. I never gave much thought to the health and condition of my spine. A few years ago I started to notice how stiff and sore my back was getting during a round of golf. My range of motion was affected along with increasing discomfort. I was referred to Drs Cliff and Christy through a family friend. I didn’t know much about chiropractic therapy and I was hesitant. The first thing that impressed me was how thorough they were in the diagnostic exam. It was a very consultative and clinical review. They very clearly explained to me the issues that were causing my discomfort and stiffness. They recommended a multifaceted program to put me on a path towards regaining mobility and reducing pain.

I've been on my plan for 20 months now. Throughout this time I have always received encouragement and updates on my progress. My mobility increased and my pain receded as they predicted. What I didn't expect was all the additional benefits that came from long term chiropractic therapy. Since I started my program I now sleep better. I rarely have headaches anymore. My digestion has improved. My allergy symptoms are less intense. Drs Cliff and Christy explained to me early on that taking care of my spine will have a positive effect on my central nervous system and my general health. They were correct. This will be something that I do for the rest of my life.

Every time I go for treatment I’m greeted by a welcoming and friendly staff. The atmosphere there is always upbeat and positive. It’s not unusual to see Dr. Christy treating a toddler or Dr Cliff treating a senior citizen. It’s obvious that they are both genuinely invested in the health and wellbeing of all their patients. They're always happy to explain the purpose and goal of each adjustment they perform on me. Whenever I have something specific that is causing me pain or discomfort, they always seem to have an adjustment to treat it.

I swing the clubs much more freely now, and I’m not nearly as sore after I play. More importantly, my health has improved and I feel better. I’m very grateful to Drs Cliff and Christy at Taylor Family Chiropractic."

- Jay G. (patient since July 2019)

"Drs. Christy and Cliff,

Thank you both so much for all of your help and (back) support over the past 2 years. You both changed my perspective on health and wellness and I’m forever grateful for you always fixing me."

- Jenn P.

"I have a spinal issue facing possible surgery. When I came to Taylor Family Chiropractic, it was so painful to walk or even stand for more than 5 minutes. I am a working progress and have made better than imagined improvement, not only physically but a better mental and emotional state. I now believe I can heal my body.

Taylor Family Chiropractic – the keyword is “Family”.

Life today has become so demanding and “family time” sometimes is lost in the day.

As I enter the office, I know I will greeted with smiles and “hellos”. Natalie looks up smiling and Dr. Cliff and Dr. Christy come out of the office to meet all that enter.

There are no closed rooms where one is taken to wait behind closed doors. The openness brings together the feeling of family and community.

“Family” kind of like the feeling of coming together when we can relax and sit down for our evening dinner."

- Judy S.

"For 10 years I lived with chronic back pain and thought it would be a life-long thing. It came to the point one day, that it was painful to even walk. Who would have guessed, after a few months working with Taylor Family Chiropractic, I would be running around with my kids and back on the basketball court pain free?

I would highly recommend them to anyone and greatly appreciate my weekly visits!"

- Patrick K.

"Being out of the 40+ hour work week for several years I’ve found myself getting a little stiffer and slower in my daily routine and so I decided to take an approach of correcting the ageing process by giving myself over to a chiropractor.

I’ve been treated by the Taylor Family Chiropractic practice now for over a year and have experienced a number of improvements in my daily life and outlook.

I have talked to several of my friends about the improvement.

I’ve experienced in my health and ability to once again feel good about my health and body’s ability to function painless especially in yard work and golf.

I would recommend to anyone over the age of 65 to visit and talk to either of the Taylor chiropractors and give them a try at improving your health and flexibility. If you’re a golfer it’s a great way to loosen up those muscles and joints before and after a round.

I’m sure that would go for any sport, I’m just happy to be a golfer."

- Richard K.

"Thanks for helping me when I was at my worst with my migraines!"

- Robin B.

"Dr. Christy and Dr. Cliff,

You have worked with my son for almost 6 months now. I want to tell you all the amazing things I have witnessed in this short time. He is so much more clear now and his ability to have an interactive conversation is so much better. A lot of his sensory processing issues seem to be minimized. His ability to self-regulate his emotions has greatly improved. He is more self-aware of how he is interacting with others. His hand-eye coordination has greatly improved as well, which has been wonderful for his self-esteem with peers.

I am overjoyed by the gift you have given him, and for the patience! Thank you very much!!"

- With deep respect, S. F.


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