Chiropractic Care for Kids in Medway

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Imagine a generation of adults that have grown up free from sickness, disease and pain. At Taylor Family Chiropractic, Dr. Cliff and Dr. Christy love seeing children, knowing that starting chiropractic early gives your kids the best chance to have a healthier future. By raising them to be well-informed, they can make better decisions for themselves. You can think of pediatric chiropractic care in Medway like building a house on a sturdy and solid foundation.

Pediatric Chiropractic in Medway

The proof is convincing — chiropractic care can have remarkable effects on children. Our team, however, wants to offer you and your family more than results-driven, patient-centered health care.

Your child needs to know that they have people in their corner who can be fully trusted. Dr. Christy and Dr. Cliff don’t just want to help your children enjoy the greatest levels of well-being; they want to form a relationship with each kid at our practice, making sure they know someone is always on their side.

How Do You Adjust a Child?

All ages are welcome to experience what we have to offer, from newborns on up. To clear your child’s nervous system of any interference, we can use a gentle touch of the fingertips or the Activator® instrument when appropriate. We want to make sure they’re comfortable and welcome you and your child to visit us as many times as it takes for them to be ready to see their chiropractor.

How Often Will You See My Child?

The frequency that we see your child will depend on their level of health. We won’t recommend unnecessary visits, and children usually require far fewer appointments than an adult who’s had problems for years or even decades.

My Child Doesn't Have a Bad Back. Why Do They Need Chiropractic?

Just think: what’s the first symptom of a heart attack?

There isn’t one. The heart attack itself is often the first indication that anything is wrong. Often, you don’t know you’re sick until you’re in serious trouble. As chiropractors, Dr. Cliff and Dr. Christy locate interferences with your nervous system health. By removing them, you can experience an overall improvement in your body’s function.

We’re in-network with most insurance plans. Schedule your appointment today to start on family health chiropractic care! We offer free consultations so that you can find out more.


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