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Meet Dr. Cliff and Dr. Christy Taylor

Driven by a Desire to Help Others

With both parents who are chiropractors, Dr. Christy grew up with a lifestyle that didn’t involve medications and medical doctor visits. “If you had a sore throat, a stomachache or a headache, my father recommended a chiropractic adjustment, vitamins and plenty of rest.” She grew up wanting to be a chiropractor, but it wasn’t until later on that she would return to her original passion.

Dr. Cliff was a three-sport varsity athlete in high school and continued playing baseball through college. An injury caused him to join the military, where he was a flight mechanic for search and rescue missions with the Coast Guard. During his time there, he learned a great deal about honor and responsibility.

After meeting Dr. Christy, Dr. Cliff was introduced to the world of chiropractic. His future father-in-law became his mentor, and he saw parents and grandparents regain their ability to play with their children, or sick kids return to being well again. “I wanted to be able to do that for people.”

Providing Care for Your Entire Family

Seeing Dr. Cliff amazed by chiropractic, Dr. Christy’s love for the natural healing profession was reignited. She left her career in business, and together, they attended Life University to achieve their Doctor of Chiropractic degrees.

During their time in chiropractic school, Dr. Christy and Dr. Cliff learned many different chiropractic techniques that allow them to provide care for everyone. They’ve undertaken advanced training in pediatrics and love caring for kids of all ages and pregnant moms. The doctors are members of the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society.

Chiropractor Medway, Christy and Cliff Taylor


Staying Active and Involved

When they’re not helping people, Dr. Christy and Dr. Cliff are animal lovers who enjoy walking and hiking with their dogs: a 14-pound Chiweenie named Copper and Roscoe, a 100+ (plus) pound Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

Dr. Christy is a member of Encompass Fitness and believes in following a healthy lifestyle. Through her father, who founded New Renaissance, she and Dr. Cliff are involved with Love Has No Color. This real world project run by chiropractors raises money and delivers gifts and food to the Fort Peck Native American Reservation in Northeast Montana.

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