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Upcoming Talks Around Town!

Taylor Family Chiropractic is starting to do talks around town and we couldn’t be more excited!

First up: The Forgotten Aspect of Function and PerformanceWednesday, March 22 6:30-7pm – Encompass Fitness in Millis. Dr. Cliff has planned a short talk on the Forgotten Aspect of Function and Performance. Some of the things you will learn:

  • How structure (posture, your body’s framework) affects function
  • Addressing the most important and most overlooked system in our body
  • Everyday tools to maximize your performance, especially in the gym
  • A live demonstration of a structural assessment and its implications
  • Yummy, post-workout friendly snacks will be provided!

We have several other talks in the works, so be sure to check out our FB page for upcoming events.

Why are we doing so many talks? We get asked that a lot. You see, we are born these perfect, insanely intelligent human beings but we don’t get a user manual. Some of us more than others, but we all take care of our bodies differently. And who is right? Is the 6-day-a-weeker who puts in 15 hours at the gym necessarily healthier than the weekend warrior? What about the vegan vs. someone who eats whatever they want? How about the health nut that suddenly develops cancer? And do you ever wonder why your child seems to get sick all the time, but your friend’s children never seem to “bring home” all the icky illnesses “going around?” Many people walk around with these questions, and we’re here to answer them. No, we’re not saying chiropractic treats or cures disease. The human body is miraculous, and as chiropractors we get the privilege of removing nervous system interference and helping people become bright light bulbs. It’s our passion to educate and inspire people to take better care of themselves and their families and to look at health from a more internal perspective. Health comes from within, certainly not from a bottle.

So that’s why we love doing talks. Call them lectures, call them Lunch and Learns, call them whatever you want. Just know we’re here for you and we’re honest and open people. We want you to know more about your body so you can live a life with more health expression. Whether it’s getting out of pain or getting your whole family checked for nervous system interference, we’re here for you and it’d be our honor to serve you.

Health is our #1 asset and our lectures are designed to be fun and informative so you can make better decisions for you and your family’s health. See you soon!

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