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Dr. Cliff is going to the Reservation!

10247466_537068943076121_1966437761423038598_n  Dr. Cliff is heading to Eastern Montana to serve the Fort Peck Reservation NEXT WEEK with a group called Love Has No Color! He’ll be out of the office Tuesday, 8/8 through Friday, 8/11, but don’t worry…Dr. Christy will be in so you can all still get your power turned on. 

11027127_791861450930201_8587756730442748013_nMany of you know that we work with a Native American reservation to bring hope and light to forgotten people.  There are third world conditions right here on US soil, and it’s our dirty little secret. The whole country wants to send money and resources overseas when we have dozens of reservations in dire need of our attention right here in our country. Drs. Christy & Cliff belong to a group of chiropractors from all across the country who get together to make progress and change on these reservations. They don’t need more money or government programs – they have all of that and more. They need kind, caring people to show them that life exists off the reservation and that people actually do care about their wellbeing. Through programs like the summer Boot Camp Dr. Cliff is going to help put on, Love Has No Color is ultimately about ending the hopelessness of the people on reservations through health. Using chiropractic and holistic care, the supporters of Love Has No Color want to change the paradigm to transform hopelessness to hopefulness. 

Some stats about Fort Peck:

Highest suicide rate in US (10x national average)

-  Life expectancy, disease, poverty of a third world country

-  Disease rates unrivaled in the US (diabetes is 4x the national average)

-  40% high school dropout rate

-  Crime, drugs and alcohol abuse that starts in middle school

-  75% unemployment

12802888_893774204072258_765720616247081084_nSo what is this Boot Camp thing Dr. Cliff is doing?

Boot Camp is the annual trek out to the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana to do community service, put on events, and generally have an amazing time with the kids who live on the reservation. Each year, chiropractors, their patients, and community members from all over North America put on a fund raiser to aid the Native Americans who live in Poplar, Fraiser, and Wolf Point.

This year, Boot Camp will run for four days, August 9th through the 12th. The first two days will be Fun Days in two different towns. and distributing food to those in need. These Fun Days will include crafts for the kids, activities like pony rides and dunk tanks, Chiropractic adjustments and Naturopathic treatments, handing out backpacks and school supplies, distributing food to those in need, and finally, a concert by the now infamous band, Don’t Quit Your Day Job. The last two days will be Day Camps filled with fun and positive activities for the kids. These activities will range from NBA and NHL players showing the kids the importance of sportsmanship to a mindfulness coach, plus a whole lot more!

Some of you know how handy Dr. Cliff is, so it’s safe to say he’ll have plenty of work to do! Between building bunkbeds for a woman who has adopted 16 children, to creating a soccer court and more, Dr. Cliff will certainly be busy. Make sure you send him off with a big hug and if you want to get involved, please visit the website. Donations are always needed!

And remember, regular office hours remain. Dr. Christy (& Roscoe & Copper) will be in the office all week to take care of you. 

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